Amy’s Research

Amy is doing some research, so I thought I would give my two cents.

How long have you been married? It’ll be six years in May

How long did you and your spouse really know each other before you married? We are high school sweet hearts so we knew eachother for seven years before we got hitched.

Looking back, how prepared do you feel you were for marriage? No one is prepared for marriage but we especially weren’t. Even though we knew eachother for so long, our relationship wasn’t great. we weren’t Christians until about three years into our marriage.

If you have kids, how long did you wait before starting your family? My husband made me wait four years 🙂

How many children do you have and what are their ages? We have one daughter so far and she’s 18 months old.

What challenges have you faced at this stage in your marriage? Spending any time together is a challenge lately. We have other challenges that result from this like communication “mishaps” and things of that nature.

If you have kids, has your relationship changed since you’ve added them to your family? Yes

If so, in what way(s)? I think we are happier and more goal oriented as a family now.

What resources or support systems do you have that benefit your marriage? The Bible, observing other Godly families and using them as examples of what to strive for in a family.

What advice do you have for young couples contemplating marriage and starting a family? Wow, well, make sure it is what the Lord wants. Marriage is SO HARD without the Lord and His Guidance. I’m glad we never have to be “alone” in our marriage again 🙂

AND THE BIGGY……What is/are the biggest need(s) that you have as a husband/wife at this stage in your marriage? Hmmm, you have forced me to think…ok, gonna be real honest here, I need my husband to be the spiritual leader in our family. I feel burdened. There, I said it. Now I might cry. 🙂


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