What a weekend! It always seems that I go from bored to having too much on my plate. If I had to choose, I’d pick full plate most of the time. I like to have things to do. But in my old age (tee hee) I seem to tire easily (isn’t that sad?)

A couple times a year a few of us from high school always try to get together when the majority of us are home. Well, the majority of us still live here in the valley or at least close by but there are a couple of the girls in Ontario. Anyway, we gathred at Erin Keddy’s on Sunday afternoon. All of us and all of our children. I won’t lie, it’s still weird to me that we all have kids now. There were 7 of us mommies and there were 9 children there between the ages of two months, to five years. When did we grow up? There are so many memories from high school that still seem like not that long ago – some I’d rather forget and some I hold onto. The best ones are of giggle fits and volleyball road trips. The worst ones are fights over boys and things I will leave in my “checkered past” 🙂

The visit was sort of chaotic (or maybe I just thought that since it was my kid who was soooo tired and did all the crying and clinging). We keep saying it’ll get easier to sit and chat when the kids get older but then there will be new children and less room for everyone to move around. I think we are going to meet at Roo’s in August. Then just maybe they will play and we can have uninterrupted conversations. Probably not, eh? Ok, maybe longer conversations.

Here are a couple of pics of the visit. I only got two because Chloe never left my hip and whenever she sees the camera all she wants to do is see pics of herself. How’d she get so vain? 🙂
The first one is Raina introducing herself to Chloe and then checking out her shoes. The second one is Chloe chillin with Kaylynn while Liam feeds her goldfish crackers. She had the life!

In other news, I started my adventure in babysitting today. I decided that when Erin finished I would contribute to the family income and take on one of her little chickens that she’s been looking after. You know, the day went better than I could have imagined. But, it is only the first day. Chloe thought “tay-ter” was hilarious and copyed everything she did including licking the TV. Who does that?



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4 responses to “busy-ness

  1. Shannon

    Cutie kids. Busy days. Crazy days. Life is crazy, but I’m not sure it’s ever gotten crazy enough to lick the TV. Weird. 🙂

  2. Leah's Mommy!

    licking the tv is one of my favorite past-times. It’s right up there with sniffing the windows.

  3. Murray's Corner

    or licking bicycle tires???? who does that???

  4. Jenn

    sniffing windows? licking bike tires? remind me to keep my kid away from you two 🙂

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