BRF – Mark 5-8

It’s funny how some weeks I can read and feel like I took nothing in and then the next week I read and seem to connect with certain characters or get the lessons God is showing me. I think it’s teaching me to not have expectations for what I am going to read, you know, to just read it in obedience and let God teach me. Sometimes that is harder than it sounds.

These chapters seemed more exciting to me then the previous four we read. These stories about Jesus and the faith of those who followed him were really interesting. I also had more questions, but that’s ok, it makes me think harder…even though I can’t always figure out the answers. Maybe I’m not supposed to know right now and that’s ok too.

I immediatly felt a connection with Jairus, probably because I have a daughter and I could try and imagine what it would be like to know she was going to die. Then hearing about this great healer who had done these miracles for others and knowing He could heal her too if He would just come to her. It made me want to be sure I put that much faith in Jesus all the time for everything. It’s hard to do that sometimes, because as I’ve said before, I’m a control freak. Learning to let go of things is an ongoing challenge for me. It might seem easy and exciting to others to be able to let go, but for me it’s a daily – no – minute by minute struggle. Anyway, I learned alot about faith just in chapter 5 alone. Chap 5:39 Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid. Just trust me.” Yes, He’s talking to me too πŸ™‚

You know, somehow over the years, I missed the part where John the baptist was beheaded. I didn’t remember that at all! How brutal! And what crazy circumstances behind his murder. I had lots of questions about that part. Like why was Herodias THAT mad? Sheesh, she must have had lots of issues to be so mad she wanted his head on a tray. And that must have been some dance the daughter did if she was offered half the kingdom! I also wondered what Herod Antipas really thought of John the Baptist. It says in the last part of 6:20 that “Herod was disturbed whenever he talked with John, but even so, he liked to listen to him.” It also says Herod thought John was a good and holy man so he protected him. Interesting. But he couldn’t protect him from Herodias and her evil plan because he was too embarrased to break his oath. Anyway, interesting story but you read it too so I’ll move on πŸ™‚

I think I always thought of the apostles as men who would have had to believe in everything Jesus did because they got to see most of it happen right before thier eyes. But it is clear that they were just regular people like us who had a hard time having faith in things that are not of this world. I thought it was funny how they saw Jesus feed 5000 people, then 4000 more people with only a few fish and some bread. And then later, on the boat they were all thinking about food and worried because they hadn’t brought enough. I think Jesus very own disciples teach us an important lesson about faith.

Anyway, that’s my ramblings for this week as unorganized as they might be. Can’t wait to read on in Mark!



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2 responses to “BRF – Mark 5-8

  1. Martha

    The disciple and food thing amazed me too, but I’m just like them. How easy to forget what Christ just did for you!! I’m looking forward to Heaven and not being so dense!!

  2. Home Sweet Home

    Thanks for the good thoughts, Jen. This BRF is so good, things that I don’t see will be posted in someone’s review. I appreciate each one of you, and I am looking forward to meeting you soon:):)

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