Parental Initiation

Well, I’ve been dreading it for awhile now but since the first time is over, the next time should be easier(?) I’ve been thrown up on. Chloe went to bed last night feeling a little warm but seemed ok. Then at 10:30 she woke up crying and gagging and what do I do? Pick her up of course as any worried mother would. She got me. I’ll spare you the details but it involved a few towels, some carpet scrubbing, and new jammies for both of us. I wanted to be all calm for her so she wouldn’t be scared but I’m yelling for Mike and shaking like a leaf because my baby is sick. She handled it better than I did 🙂 We got cleaned up and went downstairs and waited for the next one. We watched Dora and and by the end she was dancing and playing so I new she’d be ok. Back to bed we went. Of course I didn’t sleep a wink. I’m tired. As a wise friend once said, “Parenting is so hard…”



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2 responses to “Parental Initiation

  1. Leah's Mommy!

    I know how you feel! Leah’s first flu experience lasted all night and I didn’t sleep a wink! We just layed in bed together and I held her over the bucket every 1/2 hour. Heart breaking!

  2. Shannon

    Poor thing! Caleb was up last night saying his tummy hurt so I immediately got the bucket out and tried to sleep until ‘it’ happened, but it never did. Hope Chloe is okay now. 😦

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