I don’t get it…

So a while back (in January sometime) I posted about wanting to prepare better meals for my family. About how I had gotten us into a rut of eating pre-packaged frozen meals because they were easy. I’m happy to report that I have gotten us out of that rut! yay! I now prepare meals on my own (ooooooo, special). Even though I am no gourmet cook and the variety probably isn’t that exciting, I feel it’s a bit of a victory. I also vowed to stop buying pepsi, and I did 🙂 So why am I gaining weight????? I thought I would certainly lose a pound or two just from lack of pepsi alone! Not so much. It’s got me mystified-better food, less sugar, more pounds. Something is wrong with this equation.

Yes, I know exercise should be in there somewhere. I only like exercise if it comes in the form of a team sport and there is some sort of competition involved. I’ve been craving that sort of exercise and adrenaline lately. I haven’t hit the courts (of any kind) in over a year. That’s sad. Softball season is coming up in a few months and I really do enjoy that but if you’ve ever watched a womens slo-pitch game around here you’d know that there isn’t much cardio involved. Most of us need oxygen by the time we get to third base 🙂

In other news, Mike is finally starting to feel a little better. Man, did he ever have it bad. I’ve never seen him spend so much time sleeping before. He got up at supper time today and managed to stay up until 8:30pm. I’ve been feeding him soup, oranges, and toast because that’s all he wanted. I’ve never known him to not be hungry. Anyway, I hope he’s on the mend.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing my germophobe duties and lysol-ing everything. I really am a germophobe-if that is a real word. I’m a hand washer extraordinaire…even when no one is sick here. The minute I come home from anywhere I NEED to wash my hands. I need to. It’s almost a strange compulsion but (dare I say it) I haven’t been sick more than once this whole winter so maybe it works 🙂 I also have strange OCD tendancies with dishwashing and the order in which they are put away but that’s a whole other post.



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2 responses to “I don’t get it…

  1. Shannon

    Glad Mike is feeling better. Glad you wash your hands. Glad you are eating better food. It’s been a busy couple months and we haven’t been able to eat good old fashioned food much. Tomorrow is our new start. 🙂

  2. Murray's Corner

    hello fellow OCD friend. Hand washing isn’t one of my OCD’s (though I still wash my hands when needed) but I do have a few others.
    I HATE when Bob is sick with the flu. Hate. Not because I’m afraid of getting sick, but because I feel so lost without him. The last time he was sick was the day we were having a yard sale and I almost wanted to cancel because I didn’t think I could cope doing it myself. Alas, I did, but I still felt without.

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