Brain Dump – Part Two

I knew it would happen. I knew he’d get sick before he would rest. Mike’s like that, he works SO HARD not taking any time to recoup and then it hits him – like a tonne of bricks. He’s been in bed since I got home from Erin’s baby shower yesterday afternoon. He’s worse today, even with all that extra rest. He’s got the chills, the aches, the cough…everything. So I’ve been running around here like mad this afternoon disinfecting everything he could have possibly touched. It’s bad enough he is sick but I don’t want Chloe to get sick. Those two together might be too much for me to handle 🙂 And, I’ll admit, I don’t want it either. Momma doesn’t get 2 days in bed when she gets sick 🙂 Maybe I was a little bitter yesterday and this morning…just a little. I guess it was just because I knew if I got it, I wouldn’t get the rest he’s getting…he hasn’t had to do anything since yesterday afternoon. But, I’m over my bitterness and praying him back to health.

After church, Chloe and I went to lunch with Michelle and Josh, Kathy Long, and Myrt Bromley. We went to the Farmers Family Diner. They have great food. Chloe was hammin’ it up with Mrs. Long pretty near the whole time. She’s such a little entertainer. After Kathy asked the blessing, Chloe was quite taken with the “amen” and repeated it pretty consistently throughout the meal which got Kathy and Myrt laughing which caused her to say it even more 🙂 it was quite funny…but you kinda had to be there.

Erin‘s baby shower was nice yesterday…she got a good haul for new baby coote who is SO CLOSE to entering the world! In some ways it seems like an eternity since I found out Erin was with child (tee hee) and in other ways it has gone by really fast. Now I just can’t wait to meet that little girl!!!

I’ve been “job-sharing” a sunday school class of 4 and 5 year olds over the last few months. I really like it but sometimes I wonder what that age can really take in about the Bible stories and about salvation. But today, Isaac’s mom told me that he came home last sunday and told her that Mrs. Slauenwhite said that Jesus died on a cross for us 2000 years ago. It made me happy and I’m glad Isaac’s mom told me because it reminded me why people should teach sunday school. It’s because these precious little wide-eyed fidget machines just might hear something we say. It’s especially important for the ones who’s moms and dads might not come to church with them. I will remember that, and make sure I don’t lose my enthusiasm, even when the fidget machines are on high speed 🙂

*edit – I forgot to mention that I’m not posting a BRF this week (obviously). I did read it and I ended up with as many (or more) questions as Charmin had. Reading the other reviews helped me process Mark 1-4 a little better than I had on my own. Hopefully I can get my head together for next week. Maybe I’ll even post my questions 🙂


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