Um, cute

Here’s a couple of pictures of Chloe and Jaden K. Is he not the picture of health? I love fat babies. If you had a skinny baby I love yours too but there’s just something about fat babies 🙂

I think I’m annoyed that I can’t get these pics lined up right…Anyway, the point is it was really nice to visit with Erin and Jaden today. They popped by and ended up staying for lunch. We had a great visit. Chloe loves babies…although he could prolly take her in a fight and he’s only just 3 months old 🙂 Love it!

I feel spring in the air. For the fist time in weeks we got the stroller out and went for a walk. I like walks… and it was a balmy 3 degrees above zero (C)! Chloe said “hi” to everyone she saw. She has always been very social and outgoing. It scares me 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow brings a trip to windsor with Grammy to go see Daddy at work. Good times in the maritimes.


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  1. Kim

    Um, very cute! Travis was a fat baby, too. I loved when his little tee-shirt would roll up over his little tummy rolls. 🙂 Fat babies just seem like such cuddly babies!

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