Aren’t they pretty? Mike brought flowers home fo…

Aren’t they pretty? Mike brought flowers home for me yesterday in honor of valentines day. Very sweet šŸ™‚ I have no pretty spot to put them in this little apartment that they won’t get spilled by a child or a cat. They’re on a chair for picture taking purposes only.

We had a nice dinner at Kellock’s last night. The portions were huge and the food was delicious! I’m looking forward to my leftover chicken penne for lunch today…won’t be long now! (it’s sad when one’s highlight of the day is lunch, isn’t it?)

The greatest part about dinner last night (besides spending time with Mike who was fighting to keep his eyes open, which doesn’t offend me anymore because he works long hours) was running into an old friend that I haven’t seen in two years and who I’ve been trying to contact but couldn’t find! Oh Lea, how I’ve missed you! I was so happy to see her that I had tears šŸ™‚ We did one of those giant hugs in the middle of the restaurant but I didn’t care, I was just so happy to see her. We go back about 10 years when I used to work for her back when the greenwood mall had an Athlete’s World. I can’t really explain our connection any other way than that she is one of my soul sisters. We’ve always had a bond and I’ve missed her so much in the last two years that we had lost contact. Anyway, we are all going to get together soon for supper so she can meet Chloe and we can catch up. It’s funny though how with some people you just pick up where you left off, eh? It took us all of 5 seconds to be laughing and joking around again…no awkwardness at all. My other soul sisters understand šŸ˜‰

I won’t lie. I’m disappointed that AWANA is cancelled for the second week in a row due to stormy weather. I know there are probably some disappointed kids out there too. We’ll have to make it extra special and fun for them next week!



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2 responses to “Aren’t they pretty? Mike brought flowers home fo…

  1. Shannonelain

    So glad that Mike took you out on a date, that you met up with one of your soul mates, that you get to have special lunch today.
    But I’m not glad about Awana either. My kids are sad as well. What can ya do though?

  2. Kim

    We’re disappointed here about AWANA, too. Yup, even the two little ones-Thursday is craft night at Grammy’s for them while the rest of us are at AWANA.

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