I’m tired of checking my own blog only to see the …

I’m tired of checking my own blog only to see the same post from the other day. I don’t really have anything new and exciting to write about though so I’m just gonna write to see pretty blue letters on my blog instead of green 🙂

I got invited to a Stampin Up party at a friends house. It was really fun but I always feel bad becuase I love making the cards at the party but I never buy any of the supplies because for some reason I can’t imagine myself making cards at home – well usually. I think I want to now. I’m not very crafty or creative but it really is fun! And I was thinking this is something I could do instead of watching TV. I watch too much tv. Actually though, the last couple weeks I’ve been turning off the tube way more and I don’t really miss it. I like background noise so instead I put on a CD. Anyway, the point is, maybe when I start my adventure in childcare (of other peoples children) I’ll save some money and start card making. We’ll see 🙂

I hate waking up to the smell of questionable smoke from the apartment downstairs. EW. I can’t wait to get in our house…



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3 responses to “I’m tired of checking my own blog only to see the …

  1. Kim

    I wanted to go last night sooooo bad!!! And I hear the card you made was very cool. I’m very disappointed that I couldn’t make it (to the party, or the card!)

  2. Erin

    i saw charmin’s card that she made last night, the buckle one, and LOVED it!!

  3. kelly

    Thanks for coming! You would LOVE making cards. We should all get together some night and share our stuff and ideas and make cards.

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