I think I pretty much failed the dinner challenge…

I think I pretty much failed the dinner challenge. Here’s why:

Table – not set up, no room in small apartment
Table cloth – packed in storage
Nice dishes – storage
Napkins – Christmas 🙂

But I decided to be a trooper and work with what I had. This would have been fine if I had not lost my patience at dinner time. Ok, so in the picture you can see that I got Mike to put the table top (which resides behind the couch for the time being) on the floor because I thought I could set that and have a nice dinner on the floor (I was being creative and fun, so I thought). I did set the table top with what I could find, which as you can tell was nothing fancy. You may also be able to see to the left of the picture our daughter’s mad red face as she strains to be let out of her booster seat she was strapped into. It was about 5 mintues later that she was running free, the table was un-set, and we had plates on our laps because my idea of a nice dinner did not include listening to a 17 month old scream while we eat. Here’s the good news. We did not…I repeat, did NOT turn on the tv!! Good for us! So it wasn’t a total failure I guess 🙂 She must be too young to appreciate the “special-ness” of a family dinner at the table. We’ll have to work on that.



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4 responses to “I think I pretty much failed the dinner challenge…

  1. Leah's Mommy!

    Good job! I know how frustrating it is to have a little girl who doesn’t appreciate specialness. We had a fellowship time after church last night and Leah was not impressed with being in her high chair after a day of no naps. It was not fun.

  2. Charmin

    You so totally did not fail. I’ve always thought it horribly unfair that good habits are so hard to form and bad habits are firmly established overnight.

    A+ for your creativity, A++ for realizing that teaching a 17-month-old table manners is going to be a work in progress, and A+++ for not turning on the tv!

    (and bonus points for croissants. very yummy.)

  3. Shannon

    I hope you and Mike didn’t sit on chairs to eat at first. 🙂

  4. Erin

    I didn’t set any pretty tables last week, so you beat me in every possible way. Mom made a roast for lunch yesterday and set the table up so pretty for the kids. I should have taken a picture and taken credit for it. Dang. Why didn’t I do that?

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