Hamburger… That’s Chloe’s new word. She’s 17 mo…


That’s Chloe’s new word. She’s 17 months old and the other day she came out with hamburger…well, it sounds sort of british…Hambugah…but there’s no mistaken what she said. Now she says it all the time. Are 17 month olds supposed to say 3 syllable words that well? She also has a very good version of calculator. You probably wouldn’t recognize it but it’s coming along. I’ll try not to push her though, she’ s only little 🙂 Children are amazing. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was this fun?

I miss Blomidon. If you are not from here and you’re reading this post, Blomidon is the most beautiful place on earth. It really is. There is some amazing thing about this beach and it’s jagged cliffs that makes you want to stand up and Praise the Lord 🙂 I say ‘awesome’ alot but this really is…it’s one of God’s great ideas. Isn’t it cool that the Lord wanted to give us beautiful things to look at while we are here? Now I can’t wait for Spring and the first trip to blomidon that will be a little colder than I’d like it to be but we’ll go anyway just because we missed it so much. And by we I mean me and Erin…because she would SO be in on that first trip. Except she is having a baby around that time (horray!). She’ll prolly come anyway, 9 months pregnant and all! Anyone else want to come? Why wait for spring? It’s beautiful there in the winter too. Although it’s probably dangerous and slippery.

This summer Chloe will be old enough to run on the sand when the tide is out and get really, really muddy 🙂 Hurry up summer!!



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2 responses to “Hamburger… That’s Chloe’s new word. She’s 17 mo…

  1. Erin

    oh YOU KNOW i’ll be there for the first trip to Blomidon!!!

  2. Kinza

    We took Alyssa there last year. She liked the sand but was not impressed when she looked down and the water was around her ankles. Stood there and cried. Heaven forbid she move! It was kind of funny though.

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