What I said and what I actually meant… Last nig…

What I said and what I actually meant…

Last night I went to Bible study/prayer meeting at church. Afterwards, there is always juice and a yummy treat in the awana room. As me and Erin and her hubby were walking towards the awana room, I made the unfortunate statement, “I come for the juice.” What I meant was, I come into the awana room for the juice, NOT that I come to Bible study for the juice 🙂 Of course, my good buddy Erin gave me a hard time and warned me to watch out for my lightning bolt on my way home. She said she was going to blog about this so I thought I would beat her to it. So, if she blogs about how un-spiritual I was at prayer meeting last night, you can know that I was just excited to have some juice after a nice time of Bible study and prayer. I will not take this opportunity to point out any lightning bolts that she could recieve because I am not like that. Tee hee…good times my friend!

I just finished eating a potato salad and chicken sandwich. Is that a wierd combo? It was very delicious.



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2 responses to “What I said and what I actually meant… Last nig…

  1. Erin

    i heard her folks…”I COME FOR THE JUICE.” i’m surprised that she made it home without a lightening bolt.

  2. Jenn

    har-de-har-har…hey, when’s the last time YOU were at bible study??

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