Update Ok, so her email wasn’t scary at all. In f…


Ok, so her email wasn’t scary at all. In fact it gave me a great starting point so I could outline the gospel for her. She said, “Yeah I’ve been afraid to die since my dad died (1976), I use to cry myself to sleep and have nightmares. I can’t think about it or I won’t be able to function. I’m afraid that after we die, that’s it. I hope not but it is an unknown.”

So I got to tell her that it’s not an unknown! I remembered to pray before I started typing the email. I think that means I had some help šŸ™‚ I wrote about a paragraph explaining why it’s not an unknown and what we need to know and do to have eternal life. It’s sorta hard to be brief as to not scare her off but to make sure I said everything necessary in case she never brings it up again. Anyway, I haven’t heard back from her since I wrote that email. She also said she might drop by this week. I hope she does…only that’s WAY harder because I might have to explain it in person! Please pray for her. Thanks.

In other news, I taught Chloe how to “spike” her purple ball….gotta raise a vball player you know… And then I caught her spiking the cat. Smudgie was not impressed. We learned that you don’t spike cats, just the ball. She says, “Pike!” as she hits the ball…or the cat. Very cute šŸ™‚

Also, I feel like I should confess, I had apple pie and hershey kisses for supper. Oh don’t worry, I cooked for my family, I just didn’t feel like eating anymore meat. I made a slow cooker roast beef yesterday and maybe I ate about half a pound of leftover meat at lunch time. Gross! What was I thinking? Good thing Mike took some to work with him because I might have been inclined to eat more! Ew.


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  1. Kim

    Apple pie and hershey kisses sounds like my kind of supper!

    I’m praying for your friend.

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