A whirl-wind weekend I’m not even sure I spelled …

A whirl-wind weekend

I’m not even sure I spelled that correctly. My eyelids are sorta droopy and I hope I can put some words together here. Can I just tell you that picking things out for a house is hard! I know there are lots of people who would like to have my problem and lots of people that are good at that sort of thing but, alas, I am not. If you’ve never been to my blog before I’ll give you the short story…we are building a new house. There, you’re caught up. Today my husband and I left the munchkin with my mom and headed to the home improvement store that he works at to pick out…well… pick out everything. Who knew that the door handles of the bedrooms had to match the inside handle of the front door? Who knew there were so many handles to choose from? Did you know that there are about 5000 (ok, maybe not that many) styles of kitchen cupboards you can choose and an equal amount of hardware for them? Oh my stars. This is stress for me. My problem is I’m too worried that I’ll pick something I think looks good only to have someone tell me it doesn’t match or the colors contrast…I don’t even want to think about flooring and wall colors. This is major decision making people, and I am not good at it. This is where I wish we were bazillionaires and we could hire a decorator. Yeah, that’s the way to go.

I’ve got some very creative friends that are reading this blog right now (you know who you are). Please feel free to suggest things for me.

Siding colors…
Light fixtures…
Bathroom stuff..

I’m overwhelmed.

Anyway, I’ll get over it. Have I mentioned how greatful I am to have a husband that is practically going to build a house himself? (ok not really but he will be working on it alot) Hey Charmin, I just had a great idea! Your kids can have shop class with Mike on ‘the jobsite’- as he likes to refer to it- what fun that would be! I better ask him first before I go arranging carpentry tutorials for the neighborhood children 🙂



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3 responses to “A whirl-wind weekend I’m not even sure I spelled …

  1. Charmin

    shop class would be fantastic.

    and i will never build a house. too many options overwhelms me. just build it, and i will work with what you give me!

  2. Jenn

    charmin I mentioned shop class to Mike, he said,”sure! that would be cool” so, when things get going, if your kids really are interested, we’ll get something arranged.

  3. Charmin

    mike is a brave, brave man.

    : )

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