Frozen I think I may have experienced a mild vers…


I think I may have experienced a mild version of the “momma code” this evening with a stranger I’ve never met before. Shortly after supper Chloe and I headed to New Minas to brave a trip to the Sobey’s. We had to pick Mike up at the car pool at 7:30 anyway so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and go up there a bit earlier to get some food. Shopping went off without a hitch, my 16 month old didn’t have any tantrums 🙂 Sweet! Then we headed out to the parking lot. For some reason, I had forgotten to lock Chloe’s door but I thought nothing of it and buckled her into the car seat, locked her door so no one would steal her as I was unloading the food into the trunk, and walked to the drivers side to unlock my door to pull the trunk hatch. Well, the key wouldn’t turn. It was frozen. Slight panic sets in. I went over to the passenger side; frozen. “Hmmm, I just locked my daughter in the car! What now?” I thought. No cell phone, no lock de-icer and it’s not like I’m giong to leave her there and go buy some. Then I noticed a girl about my age unloading her groceries into her van right beside me. “Do you have any lock de-icer?” I asked. “I just locked my daughter in the car and the locks are frozen.” To which she replies, “Oh, I’ve so done that before.” Which instantly made me feel like a wasn’t the worst mother ever. “I don’t have lock de-icer, but do you want to try some water?” “Will that work?” I asked thinking it would make it worse. “Oh totally, but they’ll just freeze after you get in, at least you’ll be in with your daughter” she said. Sounded like a great idea. At first she couldn’t find the water she found pop instead which I poured on the lock. It opened! I was relieved. Then she found her water and gave that to me in case I needed it again. “You’re very kind, thanks so much!” I said. “No problem” she chuckled. “See ya later!”

I like that God put her there for me tonight. She was really nice. I think she knew the “momma code.”



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2 responses to “Frozen I think I may have experienced a mild vers…

  1. Charmin

    Great. Now I’m all choked up again. That ‘momma code’ really got to me.

    : )

  2. Kinza

    You know… I locked Alyssa in the van with both sets of keys. Took the people an hour to get her out and that was just because they got there pokey thing in and pressed unlock on the keypad. Oh what a day. So really don’t feel bad.

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