Book Review Friday – 2 Thessalonians The first co…

Book Review Friday – 2 Thessalonians

The first couple of weeks that I read your book reviews I really and truly thought I would never do it. Oh, I wanted to but I let every excuse tell me I couldn’t and I would never have time. Also, I just figured I was setting myself up for failure by making a committment to myself to read every day and actually write a review. Well, I have realized that I was setting myself up for failure by NOT reading every day and then concentrating enough to write a review. So, since this has been a week of reading, pondering and reading some more, I will attempt to write down my thoughts on this book. As jumbled as they might sound to you, I know I learned something about the early christians, myself and our Lord.

I think the first thing I started to think about is persecution and the fact that I have never truly experienced it. Thinking about how there are people in the world right now that are christians who are being hurt, tortured, torn from thier families and even killed all for the cause of Christ, really made me take stock of the strength of my faith. Part of me would like to think that I would be strong but most of me knows that at this point I am weak. I’m not sure I would be able to stand up for our Lord if it came down to it. I just keep imagining bad men with guns grabbing my little girl and telling me to deny Christ. I’m not strong enough to let chloe go. I know I tend to think in the extreme but that kind of thing is probably happening somewhere and certainly was happening to people Paul new when he sent this letter to Thessalonica. I like to think that this sort of thing is not going to happen to us here in NS in our life time but I suppose it could. I hope Jesus will come get us before it comes to that here. Sometimes things are so horrific I like to try not to think about them but I guess if you do that, you can’t pray for people who need the prayer. Huh, just had a little revelation there.

Speaking of prayer, that leads me to the next thing that really stood out to me. Prayer. These people were relying on prayer, they coveted prayers from everyone who knew them because that is how they became strong. This passage was the one that stood out the most to me all week. 2 Thess 1:11 So we keep on praying for you, asking our God to enable you to live a life worthy of his call. May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do. (NLT) I looked at this from a few different angles. At first I was hoping people were praying for me…especially since I am now taking a U-turn and it is not as easy as I want it to be (see previous blog from a few days ago). Living a life worthy of God’s call is probably the hardest thing ever. Oh my soul!! The thought of that even makes me feel defeated! But it’s something to strive for. Wow, I have a lot of striving to do. Then the other angle that I thought of was me praying for you guys and others too. So I’m gonna flash back here for a minute or two. A few years ago, not long after I got saved, I was really close to the Lord, the closest I have ever been. It was the happiest I’ve ever been and the best wife I’ve ever been and the best prayer warrior I’ve ever been, you get the picture, anyway, I really would look back and consider myself a prayer warrior, except at the time I didn’t think so. There were people I prayed for consistently and with every ounce of me. So I started to wonder if these peoples lives were any different now that I don’t pray for them. Can my prayers be that powerful? I guess I just went on the hope that other people were praying for them. Wow. These are things I probably won’t know until I get to heaven. I feel like I should apologize for not praying for people…cuz that’s pretty selfish if I want people to pray for me and I’m not doing any praying. Ok, anyway, I’m getting a little off track with my review but you are getting a small insight into how my mind wonders off onto new “bunny trails” when I really start to think things through. 🙂

The second part of chapter 2 verse 3 talks about the Lord coming back when there is a great rebellion against God. I’m pretty sure we are living in those times. Of course no one knows exactly how much rebellion there will be before Jesus appears to take us home but this generation seems to be more rebellios every time we turn around. I want to be ready when Jesus comes. I don’t think I’m truly ready because I wouldn’t be very proud of myself if he came today. I haven’t done very well in the last couple of years. Not that I’m gonna want to stay here, I would just be wishing I had been a better witness.

The last thing that stuck out to me was chapter 3:6-7 And now, dear brothers and sisters, we give you this command in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: Stay away from all believers[a] who live idle lives and don’t follow the tradition they received[b] from us. 7 For you know that you ought to imitate us. We were not idle when we were with you. This told me alot about how my life is supposed to be. I’ve been pretty lazy lately. Lazy in alot of things but most importantly lazy in reading the Bible and praying which results in me being lazy as a wife and sometimes a mother (although children don’t allow laziness which is a good thing, they keep you on your toes) My point is, am I one of those believers that Paul was talking about? I mean I know he wasn’t talking about Jenn Slauenwhite but you know what I mean. I’m certainly not doing enough to for the cause of Christ or even for the cause of my family. that stinks.

In conclusion (I feel like I’m in grade 12 English class) This was the best experience I’ve had in a long time. I forgot that I love when God teaches me things. It’s the best feeling ever. So, I’ve decided to make it a habit again…I can’t wait to see what next week’s assignment is.

I started this post this morning and it is now 6:45pm. I wish I would have been able to do it all at once because I probably lost my train of thought throughout the day but here it is. I can’t wait to go read yours and learn more from what God inspired you with 🙂



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3 responses to “Book Review Friday – 2 Thessalonians The first co…

  1. Kim

    Excellent review, Jenn. I love reading how everyone gets a little different something out of the same passage of scripture. Very exciting! (Mine usually take me hours to write, too!)

  2. Jenn

    thank you kim, i still haven’t gotten to read anyone elses yet! I’m going to now…I’m so excited!

  3. Alli

    Wow, that was really interesting to read! Thanks for putting your thoughts down. Definitely given me something to think about!

    And thanks for the birthday wish on my blog!

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