Chloe has the worst cough ever. She sounds like a…

Chloe has the worst cough ever. She sounds like an old man. It’s sad. The poor little thing can’t get any sleep but she’s handling it well at night. Now she coughs and wakes up and then pretty much puts her self back to sleep because she knows there is nothing I can do. She’s being a little trooper. I hope she gets better soon, this is her second bad cold in less than a month.

Here she is just chillin on the couch this morning. This only lasted a minute or two of course…she doesn’t sit still very long.

I’m doing well with my cooking. Sure, I’ve had days that I have thrown something simple together (or nothing at all) but most nights there is a home cooked meal ready for Mike when he gets home. Last night I made “The BEST hamburger casserole” courtesy of Anne from the Homeplace. and if I knew how to link that for those of you who don’t know how to get there, i certainly would. Anyway, it was good. I liked it…mike loved it so it was a success! i halved the recipe because I didn’t have 2 lbs of hamburger, only one, but it was fine. And enough left over for Mike to take to work. Thats a goal for me too, remember to make enough for Mike to take to work. He doesn’t like sandwiches and he LOVES leftovers. The people in the lunch room are always jealous…he likes that too and I secretly enjoy that his co-workers like the lunches I pack. tee hee, I know that’s petty.

I think today we have to stay in. Chloe just went down for her nap and then after lunch, there is supposed to be a repair guy coming to fix a few things in the apartment here. So unless he comes right at 1pm, we probably won’t get out for our walk today. Maybe.

Well, I should get to the laundry. It’s piling up a bit around here. Oh yeah, and the dishes. Darn dishes…that’s the thing I don’t like about cooking, dirty pots and pans. I should have done them last night. Wish I had a dishwasher.



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5 responses to “Chloe has the worst cough ever. She sounds like a…

  1. Kim

    Poor Chloe.:(
    Hope she’s feeling better soon.

    Mackenzie wants to know why Chloe is on her “puter”, and why Chloe is sick. (She’s rather nosey!)

  2. Shannon

    Poor little heart! (That’s what a lady from ON used to say to the little kids. πŸ™‚
    Get better soon Chloe.
    Thanks for the plug for The Homeplace. πŸ™‚

  3. Erin

    Well Alex and I almost came up to your place for a visit today…he’s the only turkey I have. Easy day for me! But he’s acting funny and I wasn’t sure if Chloe was sick…and now that I read your blog I’m glad we stayed away πŸ™‚ Hopefully she feels better soon!!

  4. Murray's Corner

    hey jenn! i finally was able to get on your blog. i tried yesterday but my computer wouldn’t let me.
    anyways, hope chloe gets better and that no one else gets sick!

  5. Jenn

    hey Kris, how do I get to your blog?

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