This is a pic of Mike chopping down a tree on ou…

This is a pic of Mike chopping down a tree on our lot last week. Damion and Josh helped too. It’s kinda cool that something is happening there and I’ll be more excited when the excavator guy comes and clears more for the basement.

So last night I read 2 Thess. so this will be my first week, come friday, for a book review. I’m nervous…I feel like I’m in school and someone will be grading my report. I know that’s not the point at all but I’ll still be nervous for the first one. Although I think the hardest part might be figuring out how to link it up to shannon’s blog. I’m not very technically inclined when it comes to that sort of thing. But I’ll give it a whirl and if all else fails, it’ll still be on my blog for whoever wanders across it.

How about all that rain? Crazy, eh? I think it’s causing me to have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Ok, maybe not, maybe it’s PMS and tiredness from not sleeping well the past few nights but whatever it is, I had to get out today. I just had to, by myself…so I did. All I did was go to Walmart and the superstore but I think I felt a bit refreshed when I got home. I had these fantasies of taking off and going to halifax for the day. But then I didn’t know what I would do when I got there. And I knew Mike would not appreciate a spending spree. But the thought of running away for the day and not telling anyone where I was made me feel better. Even if I didn’t do that. And I got a sweet bargain at walmart by accident. I was at the check out with my few little things and amongst the chocolate bars I noticed a cute pair of little pink sneakers. So I picked them up for a closer look. They were Chloe’s size and marked down to 3 dollars! Now that’s a bargain. I’m not usually a “Pooh” fan but the price was right and they are cute.

Well here’s hoping we get some sleep tonight. Chloe has a slight cold and the cough only acts up when she lies down and then for some reason, she cries everytime she coughs and wakes up. She just went to sleep a half hour ago and she is crying already. I am not exactly a patient person on little or no sleep. I’m trying to work on that, and failing miserably most middle-of-the-nights. If I have large bags under my eyes tomorrow morning, you’ll know why 🙂



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3 responses to “This is a pic of Mike chopping down a tree on ou…

  1. Shannon

    We’ll have large bags under our eyes together tomorrow. 🙂
    And I am very excited for you guys getting to start things for your new house! Just remember to make sure it has a septic system before you move in, okay? That’s a little something I’ve learned in the past few weeks.

  2. Jenn

    you guys don’t have a septic system? how’d that happen?

  3. Leah's Mommy!

    Leah was sick with a cold and cough for the entire month of December! I had no sleep either and I sooo know how you feel!

    I hope she gets better soon!

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