Two empty plates mean a yummy supper. Mo…

Two empty plates mean a yummy supper. Most people would take a pic of the food, not me, just the empty plates…so there is no proof I actually cooked today. But wait, there you can also see my mashed potatoes. i jumped the gun earlier. i got so excited about mashed potatoes that I peeled ’em, boiled ’em, (“boil ’em, mash ’em, put ’em in a stew”) and then remembered I don’t own a masher. Isn’t that wierd? Obviously we don’t eat mashed potatoes unless they are instant 🙂 Anyway, so I called Mike because I knew he would be on his way home and lucky for me he was at Canadian Tire getting a car part so he picked me up a potato masher! Yay! Yes, I left the tag on, and yes I washed it before I mashed anything. When we were first married, I asked him to bring home a potato masher and i got a pastry cutter 🙂 So this time he said he was sure what a masher looked like. Good job Mike!

The salmon had a dill sauce on it…I didn’t make it, Highliner did…I know, from a box but we have to eat up the stuff I bought before I resolved to eat real food. This was SO good though! I highly recommend it. Dee-lish!

So, Thanks for all your suggestions…I’m sure I’ll use them sooner or later because they all sounded yummy. Hey Erin, have you ever even eaten salmon? it doens’t really taste like fish, cuz i don’t like fish.

Chloe and I also walked down to visit the Dorey household and Chloe got to eat some frosting from a cupcake for Alex’s birthday. Lucky! I had one too…couldn’t resist, except I ate the whole cupcake. She learned to say “Alex”. Little smarty. She also said “Hockey” and “Elmo” today. She’s getting smarter by the minute!

Charmin, I will have you guys over for salmon when we are in our new house. I don’t have any room here, or even a kitchen table for that matter 🙂 But I will totally, and gladly, cook for you guys in our new house! I’m gonna have lots of parties…I like parties.



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2 responses to “Two empty plates mean a yummy supper. Mo…

  1. Erin

    yup, i’ve had it, and didn’t love it. but i tried some fish the other night at the elsons and actually somewhat enjoyed it (as much as i could with the flu coming on). maybe i’ll try to cook it someday. just maybe 🙂

  2. Jenn

    you should…just maybe you should 🙂

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