Ok all you people who cook…what’s a good sidedis…

Ok all you people who cook…what’s a good sidedish to have with Salmon? I don’t even remember what we had last time I cooked salmon. (I’m proud of myself, it’s only 11:30am and I am already thinking about and planning supper…)



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7 responses to “Ok all you people who cook…what’s a good sidedis…

  1. Shannon

    Potato salad goes with almost everything. I’m assuming that salmon would be one of those things. :0) But Charmin would probably be the one to ask for sure cuz she loves LOVES salmon.

  2. Jenn

    mmmmm, potato salad would be yummy

  3. Charmin

    YUM. What time do you want us over???

    Potato Salad is very good with salmon, but unless it’s summer or Dec. 23 (Jon’s birthday) I just don’t think of it.

    Rice is yummy with salmon. So is a tossed salad, but salad isn’t very filling so you could have rice and salad.

    Mashed potatoes go with everything. I once had supper at a friend’s house and when my friend’s mom found out how much I LOVE mashed potatoes, she drained them, mashed them up and everyone wondered what I found so appealing about them. Well, you have to add butter and milk of course. I say all that because apparently there are people in this world who do not know how to make mashed potatoes. : )

    If you go with potatoes or rice, add a vegetable or two – whatever you have in your freezer – and you have a delicious meal.

    I also love pasta salad, and it goes with a lot of stuff. Cook a cup or two of your favorite pasta shape (I like rotini for this, and the tri-color stuff is very pretty). Drain it, rinse with cold water to stop the cooking and cool it off, and toss it with chopped veggies of your choice ( try tomato, mushroom, cucumber, green onion, broccoli) and 1 c. Italian salad dressing (NOT vinaigrette). I also like to throw in little cubes of cheese and lots of olives because Jon likes cheese and I like olives. I also like it with just pasta, cheese and olives when I don’t have fresh veggies.

    I like food. Can you tell?

  4. Leah's Mommy!

    Well, since Charmin just wrote the book on salmon side dishes, I’ll be brief.

    My sister-in-law Amy has salmon quite often, and she always does ‘roasted veggies’. Slice carrots into sticks, slice up potatoes (with skin on if your into that), sliced onions, and other veggie you have. Add some fresh garlic or garlic powder, lots of olive or canola oil, salt and pepper and roast in a roaster or casserole dish for an hour or so on 350, covered of course. Absolutely delish. Serve with some rice, too, and it will be wonderful!

    I guess that wasn’t so brief.

  5. Jenn

    Thanks everyone! I’ll let you know how it turns out…i’m doing mashed potatoes. and i have corn…should be tasty. And yes, mashed potatoes aren’t that if you don’t add milk and butter. what would be the point?

  6. Erin

    salmon isn’t something i ever plan on making…ewww…but good for you for being healthy and making a good supper for your family! and good for you for walking over to visit today! the kids love having a new friend to play with/bug to death 🙂

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