HAPPY 2007! Seven is a good number…a good year …

HAPPY 2007! Seven is a good number…a good year is ahead I hope. We had a busy day yesterday but it was fun. Church in the morning, then home for lunch and a quick nap for chloe then off to my cousins in Coldbrook for a “potluck” mid afternoon lunch. I use the term potluck lightly because my cousin’s wife, Amy, always makes the biggest spread of turkey, ham, stuffing, the whole works…so everyone knows not to bring anything, there is always tonnes of food left over. It was nice to see them, and my other cousin was home from out west too. Good times. Then back home to get ready for evening church. After church, mom and dad and Michelle and Josh came over to have a fondu (sp) and play Sequence which is a really fun game. Score: Longs 3 games (they are pictured here winning again), Mac’s 3 games. Slauens….dun da da da….zero games. Darn it! I don’t think we play as a team. I will also chalk it up to the fact that this was Mike’s first time playing. Oh well, we’ll get em next time.

Then as midnight rolled around none of us could wait to go to sleep. Michelle had been battling RLS all evening 🙂 By 12:15 the fam was gone and we were getting ready to hit the sack. But chloe had other plans. She was really restless in her sleep all evening and decided to be up just before I got to bed. so that delayed bed for a bit. She usually does not do that at night anymore so I worry when she is up in the night that something must really be wrong. i think she might have just been over tired. Anyway, long story short, i didn’t get much sleep last night but Mike let me sleep in till 9am this morning! That was great!!!

So today is take down day. tree is coming down and all evidence of Christmas will disappear. i always had a hard time with this time of year but I’m over it 🙂 Back to normal…no more pine needles everywhere… Chloe picks up every one she sees on the floor and says “dirt” and brings them to me.

Yesterday in my Sunday school class I asked the kids if anyone new what was special about tomorrow (meaning today) and Isaac Elson said, “It’s my birthday!” So happy birthday Isaac! The rest of the kids didn’t know it was a new year but once I told them, Emma said, “oh yeah, we say, happy new years!”

This year will bring a New house for us…I feel undeserving of that, very undeserving but I also can’t help being excited. Ground breaking should begin within the next couple of weeks. But I thought that a month ago so we’ll see 🙂 Also, early in the year, like March, our friends the Laporte’s are moving back home! I’m very excited because just before they moved to winnipeg almost a year and a half ago, Shala got saved. She is so excited to come to Weston and now that her husband will be here too we have high hopes that he will accept the Lord too. And, thier twin girls will be 3 years old and what a great age for them to get used to coming to church! I can’t wait.

New Years dinner with Mike’s family today and then things should go back to normal. I’ll be glad for it I think. It was a fun season but I’m tired…now I look forward to spring!!


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  1. Shannon

    That’s great news about Shala and the family coming back! Very nice indeed. :0)

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