So today I finally decided I was going to frenchy’…

So today I finally decided I was going to frenchy’s. I’ve been planning this for months but I never seem to get it done. I’m not like alot of you smart people that go all the time. I go when one of us needs something, and when I actually get out of the house without Chloe because she doesn’t do well with the sitting still while I rifle through bins. But I did very well today…and I only went to the Berwick frenchy’s. that was enough. I got tonnes of things for Chloe…cute things. And I got myself two skirts which that success remains to be seem as I didn’t try them on. Sometimes my eye is that of the size I was before pregnancy took it’s tole. But I am pleased with the new baby loot since she has had a growth spurt recently…everything is looking short in the arms and legs. I know there is still some clothes in storage somewhere that would prolly fit her. Things from Kelly and Kim etc but I honestly wouldn’t know where to look. Isn’t that awful? They are probably in our storage unit at the Richardsons. If I had been organized, I would have went through them before we moved and rescued some things for the next few months. I must say how grateful I am to those of you who gave us things…It is SO appreciated. When I look back on last year, I can see how much God blessed us through all of you who were so generous in what ever way it was. Whether you knew it or not, last winter was the most difficult for us financially since we have been married. If it weren’t for all the wonderful donations, Chloe may have been without some necessities…yes, it was that bad last year. But I praise God (probably not as much as I should) for raises at work for Mike and a wonderful church family!! God really does give us what we need. I learned the difference last year between a need and a want.

On a different note, we gave Chloe a baby doll for Christmas and it came with a baby plate and spoon to feed the doll with and i saw her feeding the doll. So I thought well, maybe she does know how to feed herself with a spoon. Up until this point I just didn’t imagine she was ready to feed herself. So I gave her a bowl of apple sauce and a spoon and she expertly fed herself for the first time like she had been doing it for months! She barely even got any on herself! I had psyched myself up for a mess…I don’t like food messes, they stress me out…but I had resolved to let her go. Well, she showed me, she aced it! I have a little video of the event on my camera and someday I will upload it somewhere. I think it’s funny that i underestimated her…and probably do all the time.



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2 responses to “So today I finally decided I was going to frenchy’…

  1. Charmin

    My kids all started feeding themselves between 14 and 15 months with expert skill and little mess. : ) Honest. I’m not just being a proud mom. I’m hoping Seth will follow suit.

  2. Jenn

    I’m sure he will…you have smart kids 🙂 I didn’t even think to let her before now. she does it so matter-of-factly, that’s the funny part.

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