It’s been a very long time since I posted anything…

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything. No one will prolly even read this but I’m ok with that. Shannon said to me awhile ago, “you’re the worst blogger ever” she was joking and i laughed but it’s true! But we have our computer now and high speed internet (woohoo) so I may blog once in awhile now.

So Christmas is 2 days past already. Time sure flies. It flies even faster when you have children…well, in my case, child. I hope time doesn’t go even faster the more children you have. that would be scary. We had a fun and busy Christmas here in our cozy little Berwick apartment…now we have more things to find places for and no places to put them. whatever will I do? I just keep making piles knowing that in a few months I will be able to make piles in my new basement where no one can see them 🙂 I’m excited to have an organized looking new house…eventually. Knowing me it’ll take me a long time to get organized and everything hidden where I want it and all of the things I like out where people can see them, but it’ll happen. We are supposed to be breaking ground in the first part of January. I’m excited.

So I was thinking this morning after I did my devotions that I really miss being a child at Christmas. All I had to do was wait with very little patience for the day to arrive. My sister and I would play “santa” in the evenings under the glow of the tree lights and put toys we already owned in eachothers stockings and pretended it was Christmas morning. We waited for christmas eve church service with the candle light and carol singing, and treats from Skytha. Then it dawned on me that I’m almost 30 and Skytha has been doing treats for kids for a very long time. What a wonderful person she is! I appreciate it so much more now that I see my own daughter getting the treats. wow…times really does fly. Then on Christmas morning we would wake up ( we weren’t allowed to get out of bed until 6:30) and go empty our stockings. then we would wake up mom and dad no earlier than 7:00am and present opening would begin! Then for breakfast would be mini wheats (which was a treat!) and grapefruit. Dinner would be delicious! Did you know my mom makes the best turkey dinner ever? It’s true, she does. I have really great christmas memories and i really hope Chloe and future children (Lord willing) will appreciate the traditions as much as Michelle and I still do.

It’s snowing very gently….I like it.



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2 responses to “It’s been a very long time since I posted anything…

  1. Shannon

    So glad to have you back! I’ve been checking your blogging status every day since you told me you were getting high speed soon. Woo hoo!

  2. Charmin

    I’m glad you think your mom’s turkey dinner is the best. That’s the way it should be. You know what I’m sayin’. : )

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