So this morning after Chloe went down for her nap …

So this morning after Chloe went down for her nap I re-discovered something. Toast is one of my favorite foods. in fact I had three pieces with home made jam. It’s good bread from the superstore…just the cheap stuff that is store made and not sliced yet so you can make them as thick or as thin as you want. I prefer thick and toasted until very dark but not burnt. Mmmm, toast. It’s not one of the things that I usually list as a favorite food but it really is…cereal too. I love cereal. My sister and I have lived on cereal for years. When you just can’t find anything else to eat, cereal is a great meal replacement. (Although convincing your husband that cereal is a great substitute sometimes gets you a strange look.) It’s just becoming socially acceptable now what we’ve known for years. It’s good for you to eat cereal!

For the third time in about a year, and the second time in a few weeks, I think our house has sold. But this time I think it’s really true. I’m excited but if it falls through again, I will be prepared (so i think). So the hunt is on for an apartment to live in while we are building our house. we have to be out by November 10th…that is scary people! That means I have to get organized and pack. I don’t like packing AT ALL. but really, who does? The thought of level floors and walls, less maintenance for Mike once it is built, and no draft coming down from the attic freezing us is a nice thought. There are things I will miss about this charming old house. Afterall, it was our first house and the place we brought Chloe home to so there are some sentimental things here. But new houses make new memories!

Off to Michelle’s birthday pizza party tonight. Yay, I don’t have to cook! I hope there is ice cream cake…that is also one of my favorites.

Erin I hope you get your garlic fingers with no bacon and you can keep em down. Hang in there!



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3 responses to “So this morning after Chloe went down for her nap …

  1. Erin

    Yo. So after I talked to you this morning I carried on in my day, and totally forgot about my craving. Never thought of it again…until the kids left and I flipped through the blogs to catch up on everyone’s lives. And I read your blog. And thanks to you my craving has returned!! I think when Jonathan wakes up from his snooze I’ll send him out for the goodies. Is there cheese on garlic fingers? That could be bad…cheese is not my favourite thing these days. Hope you had a blast at the pizza party. I need to get supper together and then get to bed. I shall chat at you at Awana perhaps?

  2. Jenn

    I think you can ask for garlic fingers without cheese to be sure 🙂 See you a la awana!

  3. Shannon

    I just found out you had a blog. I’m checkin up on ya now. 🙂

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