Deal or No deal So for the last week or so there …

Deal or No deal

So for the last week or so there has been drama on our house. it’s been for sale now for about 6 months and just as we were about to take it off the market, bam! we get 2 offers in 2 days. So the one from ontario we reject because it was an offer on condition that they sell their house in Niagra Falls so you don’t really know how long you could wait so we pursue the offer from kentville. Meanwhile, Mike and I are picking out land and house plans because we have to be ready in case the house actually sells. Well, of course anyone who knows me knows that means I’m getting all caught up in the new house thing and even though I tell my self not to get too excited…I can’t help it. i mean, how can you not? So these people from Kentville get the buidling inspection done and I won’t go into it all but this building inspector did a 7 page report on our house. Apparently this is not typical. Not only did he point out the things that needed immediate attention, he also speculated on things that may someday need attention and also told some lies and made some stuff up. We know this for a fact so i’m not just being bitter. It seems to me that this guy was a master report writer and not so much a master inspector. Anyway, so of course the poor little first time buyers from kentville ran away…far away from our house. I would have too if I didn’t live here and know that this house is sound…anyway, enough about that. So our agent calls this morning with “bad news, and good news” the bad news being the people running the other way and the good news being that the people from niagra falls are still interested because they were “so disappointed” when we rejected thier offer. anyway, there’s still hope…but I may have learned my lesson. i am not looking at the house plans again until after the next house inspection and there is some good news. Here’s hoping they get a different inspector. seriuosly people, I wanna know…DEAL OR NO DEAL

On another note my mom and dad arrived safely to the valley today and I am happy that they are closer by. Mom got a part time job at Northern Reflections and Dad is still looking for work. They are also going to be doing some fill in work at the harmony baptist church. So, things are looking ok 🙂

I really do ramble on, don’t I?



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3 responses to “Deal or No deal So for the last week or so there …

  1. Kinza

    Silly house inspectors!! Good luck with the other couple, and hope they work out. I would love to emet your parents sometime as they are from my parents neck of the woods.

  2. Murray's Corner

    where are your rents from? so you’re gonna sell and the build? sweet deal…if it works out.

  3. Cheryl

    I guess even house inspectors have to do something to earn a paycheck. like so many others I too have had some unpleasant house inspector experiences…hang in there!

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