June Cleaver… This morning on the Today show th…

June Cleaver…

This morning on the Today show they did a piece about what men really want in a wife. Do they want her to be June Cleaver or do they want her to be an independant career woman who also looks after the home and kids. I didn’t actually pay much attention to the piece but I did realize (again) how important it is to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) and a housewife. Before Chloe was born I had a fulltime job out of the home…and then a part time job after I nearly had a breakdown. But that near breakdown made me realize how important it is to be home. i truly believe that it was God’s way of telling to me to stay home and take care of my husband and prepare to have children. The most amazing thing to me is how much Mike appreciated me being home and having supper ready for him, getting the laundry done, and tidying up a little. It took so much stress off of him and therefore SO much stress off of our marriage. Amazing. And now that we have a daughter, I’m even MORE convinced that the home is the place for the wife to be. Why would you want someone else raising your children? People think they simply can’t exist on one income…well we are living proof…and many other wonderful families that i know. None of our husbands make close to 6 figures (as far as I know) and we are all raising children in homes that we own (well, paying for) and all of our kids are clothed and fed quite nicely (frenchy’s rocks!) It all boils down to faith and obedience to God. The Bible says that wives should stay in the home to take care of thier families and I truly believe that God blesses us for that obedience. Sure, we don’t have 2 SUV’s but who really needs that? it’s all about being satisfied with what God gives you. He promises to give us what we need…And He does.

There, I’ve been thinking about that all day, I had to write it down.

Yesterday an old friend from high school just dropped by out of the blue! It was so nice to see Debbie Burns…She works on cruise ships and sees the world…but her mom lives here in the valley so she has to come home sometimes! I love when random people drop by! We met when i was in the 10th grade and she was in 12th…we played on the volleyball team together and she was SO nice to little old me, a rookie that often got subbed in for her. It’s cool that we are friends after all these years. Good times in the maritimes.


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  1. Leah's Mommy!

    I’ve been called “Susie Homemaker” more than a few times by my neighbors when they didn’t think I could hear 🙂

    Nothing is more fulfilling than obeying God’s high calling as a wife and mother!

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