first blog day!

oooooooooooooo, it’s my first blog and it likely won’t be a very long one because I heard Chloe sneeze which means she is prolly waking up now. She will want some lunch soon I suppose. Darn kids, always eating…just kidding, i love my darn kid!

So what prompted me to go ahead and create this today was my good friend and S.I.C. (sister in Christ for those of you who aren’t up on the lingo…which is most of you all who might read this since i just made it up) anyway, yeah, Erin…I just read her blog from a few days ago…I think from sunday it was and i have decided that I am a FOOL! A big fool. I have been SO unfaithful lately in my devotions, my prayers and just my relationship with my one and only Savior that i am nothing but a fool. Why would I put the most important relationship ever aside? I really don’t know but I do know that i have some searching and figuring out to do. what the heck is wrong with me? I need a kick in the pants. Here I am with a beautiful daughter and am already not teaching her what I should be. I should be setting an example for her by reading my Bible and praying and saying grace for meals because she watches everything I do. I notice her picking up on alot of my habits and do you know what they are? Anger and frustration if things don’t go my way and i already see that in her and it hurts to know she got it from me. So, i need to smarten up.

Anyway, for now, that’s it I guess. Happy First Blog Day to me! Hopefully this will be the start of something therapuetic.



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3 responses to “first blog day!

  1. Kim

    Hi Jenn, just found your blog through Erin’s. I, too know that I need to be a better example to my kids. I have more days that I’m a fool than not. And I’m trying to do better, but it’s such a struggle at times. Thanks for your insights!

  2. Charmin

    Hi Jenn. Happy first blog day!

    There’s nothing like a little copycat to show you how you’re behaving. : )

  3. Murray's Corner

    hey! welcome new blogger! before i start nursing summer, we say grace before. haha. never too early, i guess, even if she is too young to know what’s goin on.

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